Thursdays, 9:30am – 12:30am  – Babies, Toddlers & Kindy (School Term Only)

The Signing Hands course introduces parents & babies/toddlers to genuine Auslan sign language through stories, songs, rhymes and play. Learning a few basic signs can help you understand your baby’s needs and desires more fully, resulting in a much more contented baby & parent.

Signing Hands is the leading provider of Baby Signing Classes in and around Perth. Signing Hands has designed its own programmes for babies, toddlers and Day Care centres using research based on 8 years of data collected from over 250 courses and more than 1,000 parents.

Signing Hands has a high re-enrolment rate each term, with most parents completing at least 3 or 4 courses before moving on. Parents love the fun filled classes and enjoy learning such a valuable skill in the small, manageable groups, designed to create the best learning environment possible for young babies & toddlers. Come and join one of the signing hands courses. Parents & babies of all ages welcome.

FREE trial classes are available for all parents who want to know more about signing.

Contact: Debbie for more information and bookings on 0437 803 978, or visit her website at