Monday To Thursday;  9:00am – 2:15pm (School Term Only) Pre-Kindy is a school readiness program for children aged 3-4 years. We provide a gentle introduction to formal learning experiences by utilising best practice in early childhood education, such as learning through play and real life experiences. The Early Childhood years are such a marvellous time; a time where developmental milestones are such an integral part of our lifelong learning. It is a fun time full of natural wonder, excitement, curiosity, risk taking, investigating and building skills in positive social interactions. At Early Birds Pre-Kindy we offer a play based program in a semi structured learning environment, one of our main aims being to equip the children with skills that will help them settle into formal schooling. These are some of the skills that the Pre-Kindy environment will encourage and develop: •     Learning to work with teachers and other adults; •     Learning to work alone; •     Learning to work with a large group of children; •     Learning simple rules and routines; •     Learning to complete a task or activity; •     Learning to question and answer; •     Learning to select and choose; •     Learning to be independent but not afraid to ask for help. Contact: Michelle on 0403 154 216 or please visit Email: