Bharatanatyam is the oldest classical dance form of India and is often used to depict stories from Hindu mythologies and epics. Akshaya School of Dance was founded by me in early 2022, and created with the purpose of passing on the art form to all, regardless of age or cultural background. I am Farishta Siraz, a graduate of Kalaivani School of Classical Arts. I have been training under guru Smt. Jayalakshmi Raman since 2007 and performed in many showcases and productions under her guidance.

Kalaivani is the longest running school of Indian performing arts in Perth and has gone from strength to strength in the Rostrata Community Centre space. My goal for Akshaya is to continue on that journey – to grow the school, passing on the knowledge and passion that I have received from my own teacher.

Akshaya School of Dance operates in the centre on Saturday mornings from 9am – 12pm during school term.

Contact Farishta on 0403 887 212