Rostrata Family Centre is your friendly local Community and Neighbourhood Centre – situated in the beautiful Prendwick Reserve, in the City of Canning. We opened in early 1990 and over the years many different people and community groups have called us their home. Some have literally grown up with us!

We are a community based, not-for-profit organisation. We support and facilitate a great community and strive to give focus and connection for all individuals, families, children, seniors, and like-minded community members to come and gather together for friendship, support, exchange of information and mutual growth in learning and play.

Our Values are Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Engagement, Flexibility, Equality and Accessibility.

Our centre is governed by a Voluntary Management Committee which is drawn from the local community as well as from representatives of our member organisations and groups.

Our Service is provided by Rostrata Family Centre Inc. and is funded by the State Government through the Department of Communities. This funding allows us to facilitate and support our community with the provision and access to affordable services and activities and programs. We generate the balance of our income with the charging of affordable Hire Fees and good financial management.



Our vision is to engage, connect and strengthen our diverse community. We provide a safe, vibrant and inclusive hub and encourage all of our community to engage, support, learn and play together through access to relevant, affordable programs and activities, on a regular basis, helping to provide enrichment and strengthening family and community bonds.

We are open to all from the Community of Willetton, City of Canning and beyond.

In partnership with Act, Belong Commit, and helping to work towards achieving a Mentally Healthy WA

We Aim To:

  • Encourage the engagement, involvement and commitment of the community by giving a sense of connection and belonging.
  • Promote the Community’s physical & mental well-being with the support of relevant social, recreational, educational programs and activities which are affordable, accessible and available to all.
  • Encourage and support the establishment of self-help and like-minded community groups & activities – according to community need
  • Promote, encourage and develop members community commitment to involvement by supporting volunteers within our centre and the broader community
  • Provide a resource and information referral centre relevant to the needs of the community.
  • Provide a safe meeting place and support for all families and individuals within the Willetton and surrounds community with a well-managed and maintained facility.



The centre is supported by three part-time staff, a Playgroup Support Worker, Our Centre Manager and our Administration-Information Officer

Our office is open between 9am and 2pm Monday – Friday each week
We look forward to meeting you at the centre when you drop in to say hello